Useful advice regarding debt

At Confero Collections Ltd we realise that receiving a visit from the Enforcement Agent can be very daunting. Below we have answered some questions that our call centre staff are often asked:

What are the Enforcement Agent’s rights?

The Enforcement Agents are entitled to collect full payment of the debt including their costs, or remove your possessions which will then be sold to cover some of the debt. If the goods removed do not cover the debt, then you will still be liable for the remainder.

  • Enforcement Agents have the power of entry and do not have to be invited in.
  • If you obstruct the Enforcement Agent, you can be arrested.
  • We have a legal right to collect the money you owe.
  • We may take control of your goods if you do not pay what you owe.

What happens if I can’t pay?

If you are unable to pay the amount you owe, the Enforcement Agent will visit your premises to take control of your goods. The Enforcement Agent may allow you some additional time to pay and if he/she does so, you will be required to sign a Taking Control of Goods Agreement. If you do not pay as agreed the Enforcement Agent will re-visit and remove your possessions.

Where can I get advice?

Your local citizens advice bureau should be able to help you with any legal advice you may require.

Use this link to find your local Citizens Advice Bureau:
Find your local CAB

The Citizens Advice Bureau also has a page regarding ‘Help with debt’:
Help with debt – From the CAB Advice Guide

You can also get debt advice from the Money Advice Trust.