Environmental Policy Statement
Confero Collections Ltd’s aim is to minimise the impact of its operations on the environment and local community. The main environmental issues for the sites and Enforcement Agent activity are energy and waste.

All activities of the company shall be conducted in strict accordance with sound environment practices. At a minimum, all activities will be conducted in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. In addition, Confero Collections Ltd is committed to build from this foundation of compliance with the aim of continuously improving its performance, and will provide the necessary resources to meet these objectives. To meet its environmental commitment Confero Collections Ltd shall:
• Reduce or prevent the discharge and/or emission of pollutants and waste products to air, land, surface water and groundwater.

• Comply with all relevant environmental, authorisations, permits and consents.

• Set environmental improvement targets and objectives as part of a continuous improvement plan.

• Allocate and maintain resources for the effective implementation of environmental management and legal compliance and provide training of all it’s staff where appropriate.

• Provide a documented environmental management system.

• Communicate the company environmental policy, as appropriate, to customers, employees, subcontractors and the local community.

• Conduct regular audits to evaluate compliance with environmental laws, the effectiveness of the environmental management system, and to verify that this policy is being fully implemented.
It is the personal responsibility of each employee to perform work assignments in accordance with sound environmental practices and to perform each job in compliance with established rules, regulations, and any other requirements that may be in place.
The success of this environmental programme depends on the personal commitment by all employees.