The debtor’s vehicle is an easily identifiable and often easy asset to take control of. Because of this and the large volumes of Penalty Charge Notices issued by the typical local authority the vehicle can often become the sole focus of the Enforcement Agents attention with little or no effort directed towards those cases where the vehicle cannot be found or is not worth seizing due to its age and condition.

Because Confero Enforcement Agents all have regular and extensive experience in recovering other debts such as Council Tax they are skilled at gaining entry to the debtor’s premises. Whilst we are fully equipped with wheel clamps and tow trucks we regard the presence of a vehicle that can be taken into control as an added bonus and put as much effort into recovering penalties in those cases where no vehicle can be found as we do into the cases where it can.

An unusual aspect of our service that significantly increases productivity is the use of Enforcement Agents on motor scooters. With minimal delays due to traffic conditions unprecedented call rates are achieved and, with vans and tow trucks operating in close proximity, the full range of options available to the Enforcement Agent, remain open.